Santoku Chemical Industries Co., Ltd., the world’s first manufacturer of stabilizer-free electronic-grade high-purity hydrogen peroxide aqueous solution, continues to contribute to the semiconductor industry globally. Using its own unique technology, Santoku started production of high-purity hydrogen peroxide aqueous solution for the electronics industry in the mid-1960s.

Santoku has been leading the industry in supplying the highest quality product available at any time, by improvements, renovations, everlasting research and development in all the production processes, including purification, filling, analysis and supply systems, and will be doing the same in the future. In addition to its main production sites in Japan and Singapore, Santoku has licensed its technology and built high-purity hydrogen peroxide aqueous solution plants in Taiwan and Germany.

Santoku is proud and grateful for the good reputation it has earned with its customers, based on its technology, product quality, services and spirit of mutual respect and trust.

Santoku’s company mission has always been to assure customer satisfaction and fulfill customer requirements through the unstinted pursuit of ever-higher quality systems and the stable supply of its products, and to contribute to the growth of the world’s semiconductor industry.

All of Santoku’s employees are determined to do their best to serve the customers hand in hand, to fulfill the company’s mission.